Why New Avenue


We have a deep understanding of the LGBT community, our history, our struggles and our successes, all of which impact reaction to brands and help form purchase decisions.

We are connected with the influencers and organizations that are integral to the ethos of the LGBT experience.

We know that the LGBT segment is not monolithic.  It is as diverse as the American population and intersects with every ethnic and socioeconomic group.

We know that as LGBT people, our family, friends and colleagues (our allies) pay attention to how we are treated and to which brands are inclusive.  Their active presence in the segment multiplies it's impact and spending power.

We have our thumb on the pulse of the rapidly changing legal, political and cultural landscape allowing us to help brands navigate the space, avoiding missteps while maximizing impact.

Most importantly, we can answer the number one concern we get from clients,         

“We know we need to be there, but how do we get this right?”